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Broadleaf Strategic Investment Portfolios

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Our Asset Allocation Strategy utilizes a risk adjusted approach that is suitable for investors that would like to place their entire investment portfolio under our management rather than just their growth equity allocation.   The key here is that your portfolio is designed to meet your specific needs, objectives and risk tolerances.

After working with you to determine your risk profile, we will then manage your account on a fully discretionary basis following the Strategic Investment Portfolio (STRIPS) that fits your profile.

The types of investments we use may include the Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio, other style based mutual funds, international investments, fixed income securities, and exchange traded funds, among others.

Account Minimum
The minimum account value for the Broadleaf Asset Allocation Portfolio is $100,000.

Fee Structure
Fees are 1% of assets under management, charged quarterly in arrears. 
Breakpoints are available at specific asset levels.


Broadleaf Partners, LLC does not directly hold client assets but maintains custodial relationships with Charles Schwab for all Asset Allocation accounts.

Annual Performance Reviews 

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