Fourth Quarter 2017 Commentary and Review

Growth stocks enjoyed strong results in the fourth quarter, bringing full year 2017 returns on a net of fees basis to 36% for the Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio.  After lagging the major indices considerably last year, 2017 was certainly growth’s opportunity to shine. Our annualized returns are ahead of the S&P 500’s over the past […]

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Second Quarter 2017 Performance Commentary

Growth stocks continued their strong first quarter run during the second quarter, bringing the year to date net of fees results to 16.6% for the Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio.  This year is a perfect example of mean reversion, as last year’s strong relative outperformance for value stocks has given way to the same in 2017 […]

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Fourth Quarter 2016 Commentary and Performance

There is no sugar coating the obvious.  In a complete reversal of our strong absolute and relative results from 2015, this year was an outright disappointment for the Broadleaf Growth Equity Portfolio and many other growth fund managers.  While we were essentially flat for the full year, the degree to which we underperformed in 2016 […]

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Brexit is Beautiful, Act 2

The results of last night’s election are no doubt worthy of an Economic Update. As I shared my initial thoughts with others on Facebook last night – the possible reason behind the Trump surprise and the likely impact on the financial markets today – I found it far easier to re-post what I had written […]

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Third Quarter 2016 Commentary and Performance

We enjoyed a nice third quarter rebound following the second quarter, Brexit-induced swoon.  The market’s returns were relatively narrow; technology as a whole did very well and select positions within the health care and consumer discretionary sectors helped our portfolio relative to the market. On a year to date basis, we are finally back into […]

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Dead Lawns and Short People

What a boring few weeks it has been.   Following a post Brexit bounce that was surprising to many,  August has largely been, well,  August – about as exciting as dead summer lawns, and  for the kids, the thought of going back to school. But is this a calm before the storm?  We don’t think so. […]

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First Quarter 2016 Performance and Commentary Review

The first quarter was a tale of two halves. During the first half, the stock market came under significant pressure as oil prices fell to new lows, broader credit concerns became elevated, and recessionary risks rose.  The second half was marked by a bounce in oil prices on a hoped for production quota agreement from […]

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